Frequently asked questions

Fahrenheit system pro is a company that provides crypto trading robots that make it easy for you to transact cryptocurrency. Fahrenheit trading robot cooperates with Lotus International which has been operating for more than 25 years and conducts transactions via MT4 (Meta Trader 4).

The owner of Fahrenheit System Pro is Henry Susanto, who also serves as the main director.

There is no official partnership or link related with DNA PRO.

You can schedule a meeting via Zoom Meeting and ask anything. Especially if you plan to invest with a large value. Contact CS for more info.

At the beginning of their launch, many questioned the ability of Fahrenheit Trading Robot. But for now, after they show their consistency, it is certain that Fahrenheit can survive in a different market from other competitors. Moreover, their advantages on Saturday and Sunday are still trading, making the profits obtained even higher.

Research and backtests have been carried out for years, the results of the last few months backtest can be seen on a live account or in the profit section of Fahrenheit.

Deposits will be processed on the same day as long as they do not exceed working hours. Outside of working hours there will be a slight delay but always try to process it on the same day. Fund withdrawals can be made with a minimum balance of $10 and will be processed on H+1 for BCA banks and H+2 for other banks.

The Fahrenheit System Pro robot will trade on 3 markets, namely USDT, ETH and BTC. With tests carried out for several years, the stability of this robot is getting better. Robots can analyze the market and take positions at good timings without trading emotions like we are trading ourselves.

The Fahrenheit crypto robot profit target is usually 1% (not fixed profit huh...) so a month it's around 15-30 percent. So far, the results are still good and stable.

If the Fahrenheit crypto robot suffered a loss on the previous day, trading was carried out to cover the loss first and after returning profit, the profit sharing was returned to the Company.

A sense of greed is one of the main reasons traders lose. Sometimes traders believe they are in control because they make more profit. In many cases, floating market conditions can cause traders big losses, or even bankrupt. Fahrenheit System Pro and Lotus International are trying to make trades in a safe and profitable way in the long run. They are aiming for a 1% profit and maximum loss of 10%.

Not necessarily depending on the odds obtained based on the Fahrenheit crypto robot algorithm. If profit, the robot only trades 1x a day because it has reached the daily target. If the position is lost, the robot can return to trading to achieve the daily profit target. The good thing is that so far our robot's performance is still very good and always provides benefits.

Download Meta Trader 4 Apps

Fahrenheit Crypto Robot melakukan trading melalui aplikasi Meta Trader 4. Anda dapat download aplikasi MT4 untuk mulai melihat transaksi anda.